Advances in 3D Bioprinting

Advances in 3D Bioprinting

September 10th - 12th, 2023

Haifa, Israel


The language of the meeting is English.
To avoid delays, speakers are kindly requested to upload presentations before the session or contact assisting staff in advance. If possible, please send the presentations to a week before the conference. In case of unusual requests, please let us know in advance.


Poster dimensions should be the display stand size of 125*82 cm in portrait. Please make sure that your posters do not exceed the recommended dimensions. The posters can be printed on soft materials such as paper or fabric.

Foreign participants

During check-in when you present your passport and the B2 entrance card which you receive at the airport (which indicates your exemption for paying VAT), the rate of the accommodation will be reduced accordingly.


Ben Gurion International Airport is Israel's main international airport and is connected to many major cities by direct flights.

Transportation from the airport to Haifa by Buses-
For bus information and updated timetables please look up the Egged's  website (the bus company's).

Transportation from the airport to Haifa by Train-
The train station is located at the exit from Terminal 3. In Haifa, There are 4 train stations. You can find a main bus stain in Haifa at Haifa-Hof HaKarmel train station and Hutsot HaMifrats train station. For updated information on trains - Israel Railways website

Transportation from the airport to Haifa by Taxi -

Details for traveling from the airport to Haifa by taxi can be found here

Please note that Israel Railways does not work on Saturday.

From Hutsot HaMifrats train/bus station you can take the cable car to the Technion.

A letter of invitation

A letter of invitation from the conference will be issued upon request. This invitation is prepared solely to assist with visa application or participation requirements and is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support or confirmation of inclusion in the Scientific Program.
To apply for a letter of invitation please send an email .


The Israeli power supply is single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz. Most power sockets in Israel have three pin holes, but many of them will work with double-pin European plugs. Visitors who want to use shavers, traveling irons and other small appliances may need both transformers and adaptor plugs.

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